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Every student deserves the ability to breathe air that is safe and free from pollutants and viruses. With our Kronos School program, we deliver our cutting-edge air purifiers to underfunded schools. Working together with your donation, we’re able to provide efficient air purifiers to schools that deserve them. 

Our mission is to be able to ensure that every child has the same chance at learning in a safe and clean environment that helps promote their growth and health. There are so many schools in our country that cannot afford new, top-quality air filtration and purification systems for their students. 

Everyone deserves safe air.


Why donate?
Why is this important?

In times like these, many schools are so underfunded that they cannot even afford the proper air purifiers  and filtration for classrooms in order to make their school safe for students. At Kronos, we believe that every student should be able to breathe the highest quality air possible.

This is why Kronos Advanced Technologies created the Kronos Foundation. With your help, we raise funds needed to provide air purifiers for schools that are underfunded and bring fresh, allergen, and toxin-free air to students everywhere.


What does your donation do


With your donations, we provide our excellent air purifiers for school classrooms free of charge to schools. Isn’t’ it time that we made a difference together in students’ lives across the country?

Your donation helps us transform the lives of students by providing the best air purifiers for school classrooms. Providing safe, pollutant, clean air to breathe isn’t something that only those more fortunate schools should have for their students.


Does indoor air quality matter?

Indoor air quality is no laughing matter in schools. It’s actually a grave issue in this day and age. Did you know that children spend an average of 1,300 hours in school buildings during the school year? This means that indoor air quality is crucial to ensure the health and safety of students and staff. Air quality has an incredible impact on a student’s success. When they’re exposed to pollutants in the air, it can lead to asthma and other respiratory problems. As well as reduce their mental focus and ability to concentrate.

Kronos Technology Vs. HEPA

Kronos efficient air purifiers  actively kill viruses by using a high voltage inside, which is different than your traditional HEPA air filters. Our filters are actually able to collect particles down to 14.6 nm, which is much smaller than conventional HEPA filters.

Ours is a state-of-the-art air filtration system designed to be affordable and provide students with the highest indoor air quality that promotes their learning and concentration.


HEPA only traps pollutants such as pollen and dust, while Kronos Ionic technology destroys these toxins and eliminates them from our air. Often times HEPA air purifiers will stop working when the filter isn’t changed regularly. Pollutants that were once collected can escape back into the air! Furthermore, when the temperature is warmer and humidity is in the air, mold and bacteria grows on the HEPA filter causing bad odors and hazardous waste generated during the process. Kronos’s washable filter solves this problem by creating an easy clean system that is safe and effective.


CCM (cumulative cleaning mass) is the technical term for how much filth a HEPA could trap before it loses 50% efficiency. For a typical HEPA air purifier, lab researchers have quantified 45 cigarettes smoke would yield failure. To add some perspective, after 440 cigarettes, about 10x more than HEPA’s 45, Kronos’s cleaning capacity only drops-0.2%! That means Kronos can take 10x more smoke and stay 50x stronger in cleaning capacity.


Since mold and bacteria like to grow on HEPA filters, you need to replace the filters every 6 months. Spending money on HEPA filters can easily cost $500 per year, and the better quality HEPA filters cost even more. This really isn’t cost effective for schools! Kronos takes the hassle out of buying replacement filters which makes Kronos the most economical option for clean air.


With the waste crisis on Earth, it is vital that we do our part to contribute to a better planet and a better future. HEPA filters are made of dangerous fiberglass material that is damaging to our environment not to mention the damage it does to the lungs when inhaled.

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