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Air 5G - Model 5
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Kronos® AIR 5G®

The remarkable Kronos® AIR 5G® is the best portable air purifier unit in the world. With its 5 stages of air purification, air quality indicator, eco-friendly design and smart control operation the Kronos® AIR 5G® wipes out the competition. It also thoroughly wipes out dust, smoke, dander, bacteria, pollen, viruses such as covid-19, odors, germs and more from your air, giving you the healthiest, breathable air possible.

It cleans & removes microscopic particles as small as 14.6 nanometers. Most allergens & bacteria are over 30 nanometers in size & so are easily removed.


What It does

Model 5 Cleans













What It does

Journey To Clean Air

Step 5

Catalyst Filter

The final step in the purification process removes unpleasant odors keeping your air fresh and pure.

Step 4

Collecting Plate

Charged particles stick to the collecting plates to
remove dangerous toxins from the air.

Step 3

Ionic Field

Annihilates bacteria and germs. Charged particles
are destroyed.

Step 2

Wire Frame

Creates an Electro Field that zaps dangerous
particles that would be traveling into our lungs.

Step 1

Pre-Filter Screen

Air flows from the bottom and into the Pre-Filter
Screen to collect hair, pet dander, etc.

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