A personal device that monitors the air around you and alerts you to the presence of droplet spray that may contain viruses, air pollution and abnormal UV radiation.

How does Canario work in 4 simple steps


  1. Sensor scans the air around you
    An innovative sensor scans the air 24/7, identifies tiny saliva particles, measures Air quality and UV radiation.
  2. Detects droplet spray which may contain viruses
    Identifies tiny saliva particles expelled by talking, coughing and sneezing, which may contain viruses and are the major infection cause of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. Analyzes data by an Artificial Intelligence-based system
    Analysis of the data collected from the various devices about droplet spray, air pollution and UV radiation. Storage and analysis of events from the past and present, data management through an artificial intelligence machine learning system.
  4. The device flashes, vibrates and sends a mobile alert immediately upon Droplet Spray detection
    Warning about the presence of droplet spray that may contain viruses, poor air quality, exposure to UV radiation and reporting of clean air